This is an honor extended to those Scottish Rite Masons who have significantly contributed to the growth of membership into the Richmond Scottish Rite Temple.  In their support of the Scottish Rite, they have been recognized by the Sovereign Grand Inspector General of the Orient of Virginia for their service.

Barrye L. Absher

John W. Andrews, Sr.

Claude A. Bass, Jr.

James E. Beamguard 

Gray W. Bradford 

Robert W. Carpenter, Jr. 

Shelby L. Chandler, II 

V. Stuart Cook

Richard D. Dey, Sr. 

Samuel E. Dunn

Robert C. Eades, Sr.

Rodney L. Eagle 

H. Flint Engleman, II

Harvey L. Fleshman

Clifford C. Grotz

Gregory D. Hosaflook 

Henry N. Hassell 

Douglas V. Jones 

Frederick G. Martin, III

James A. McAllister

Charles A. Robinson, Jr.

W.A. Robison, Sr. 

Mack T. Ruffin, III

John D. Runnett

Steven W. Sanford

Charles S. Sarbaugh

Romulus G. Seay, Sr. 

Robert E. Simpson

Edward V. Sisak 

H. Click Smith

Linwood R. Spears

Ralph E. Spring, III

C. Thomas Sykes 

Daniel W. Thompson

Nelson C. Trinkle 

Christopher S. Tripp

Donald S. Truslow