The purpose of the Scottish Rite Knights of St. Andrew is to bring together any black cap 32° Masons for the purpose of providing opportunities for every member to advance themselves within their Scottish Rite Temple.  

Every Brother Knight of the Knights of St. Andrew take upon an obligation to support their Scottish Rite Temple and Blue Lodge, set the example for other Master Masons, to support and contribute to the Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center, to continuously educate themselves both in Freemasonry and Scottish Rite Masonry and to provide selfless, dedicated service to their Temple by their active participation in any Temple project great or small.  

The Knights of St. Andrew serves the Knight Commander of the Richmond Chapter, who in turn serves the Secretary of the Richmond Temple. 

Officers of the Richmond Knights of St. Andrew

Elected Officers

Knight Commander

Knight Warden

Knight Captain

Knight Adjutant

​Patron Emeritus

Jake Crocker, 32° KSA

TBD, 32° KSA

TBD, 32° KSA

TBD, 32° KSA

​David Amstuz, 33° IGH

Appointed Officers

Knight Chaplain

Knight Marshal

Knight Sentinel


TBD, 32° KSA

TBD, 32° KSA

TBD, 32° KSA

TBD, 32° KSA

Past Commanders

Jeffrey St. Onge (Rapp) – 2009

Daniel Freye (Cptl) – 2011

Willem Hacken (Pdmt) – 2013

Shelton Mackey (Rapp) – 2015

Gary Bonner (Cptl) – 2017

Samuel Gomez (Cptl) – 2019

Bradley Mena (Rapp) – 2021

Unknown (-) – 2023

Flint Engleman (Pdmt) – 2010

Peter Klei (Rapp) – 2012

David Smith (Cptl) – 2014

Harvey Fleshman (Pdmt) – 2016

Jonathan Turner (Cptl) – 2018

Edward Creasy (Pdmt) – 2020

Unknown (-) – 2022

-(-) – 2024

Joining the Knights of St. Andrew

Personal Requirements

Each Chapter is attached to a Valley within the Scottish Rite and is subordinate to that Valley; its purpose being a service organization to its Mother Consistory. There is no other higher governing body. Each Chapter adopts its own by-laws and determines its own membership requirements. The Knights of St. Andrew is open to all 32° “Black Hat” Scottish Rite Masons who are members in good standing of the Scottish Rite.  Knights pledge to be active members in their Valley functions and to be of service to their needs as required.

You must be a 32° Mason to join. Our 32° KCCH and 33° members are not eligible to join, but subsequent to their advancement retain their KSA membership status.

You must be a member in good standing in the Scottish Rite.

You must desire to assist in the growth of the Fraternity.

You must be committed to protecting the longevity of our Fraternity.

You must, with firm dedication and will, desire to promote the work of Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

If you meet all of the requirements above and desire to join the Order, you may request a petition from any Knight. You may also email the Adjutant of our Order to request a petition. If your petition is accepted by the Order, you will be invited to join us and will be knighted by the Knight Commander, after which you will be permitted to wear the glengarry of the Order at all Scottish Rite events.

A Brief History of the Order

Tradition informs us that the medieval Order of the Knights of Saint Andrew was formed in 1314 by King Robert the Bruce of Scotland, to honor sixty-three Templar Knights who upon the fields of Bannockburn, and with no prior notice, charged to the rescue of a faltering Scottish army. With bravery and discipline, they quickly turned the tide of battle and defeated the superior English forces. Our modern Order was fashioned on the noble example of those sixty-three Knights who came to the service of Scotland in her most dire time of need.  

Modern History

Ill. Weldon J. Good, 33°, of the Valley of Tulsa, Oklahoma, developed the first Chapter of the Knights of Saint Andrew in 1993 as a service organization comprised of “Black Hat” or 32° Scottish Rite Masons.  Its goal is to help them become more active in the Temple as a whole and to provide selfless dedication to and the promotion of our Masonic Fraternity within the Scottish Rite, our community, our Jurisdiction, and the Orient.  

As a member of the Order of the Knights of Saint Andrew, it is important that you take with you a heightened sense of your own Honor, Virtue, Value and Integrity and you must commit to serving both Blue Lodge and Scottish Rite Temple and you must also choose to educate each other in the lessons of Freemasonry.  Any member who receives the honor of KCCH subsequent to joining the KSA can no longer hold office or vote but they may still participate in the works and assist as Emeritus members; mentoring junior Brother Knights.  We turn away no Master of the Royal Secret who are committed to our cause of “Service & Leadership”.

Mission & Vision of the KSA

The mission of this Knights of St. Andrew Chapter is to bring together 32° Master Masons for the purpose of supporting the Valley of Richmond in all the functions and activities of the Temple and to give focus to the moral applications of every Scottish Rite degree in order to put its members on the path to knowledge and leadership.

To teach its members how to inspire others through unwavering values and a devotion to the stewardship of the Richmond Temple, thus become the example for others to follow based on the integrity of their person.  All 32° Master Masons who are willing to live by our Rule & Measure are welcomed into our Order as a Brother Knight.

The Rule & Measure

With support from Saint Bernard de Clairvaux, Templar Grand Master Hugh de Payen created the Latin Rule, the code of behavior to which all knights of the Order lived by.  Here now is the Rule & Measure of our Order:

You are to be virtuous, chaste, humble, merciful, tolerant, generous, and charitable; for only those who wish to bind themselves to these qualities of a good man and Mason are welcomed here.

Your word must never hereafter be broken; less your sword hand too be shattered; as well as the bones which has given your Life rectitude.  To this end you should renew yourself.

Never to attack a submissive foe, nor harm the helpless, nor subjugate the weak. 

Treat all good men of virtue as a brother, all good ladies with the respect of a sister, and all poor and destitute orphans as your children.

Be not idle as a Mason, but industrious in your endeavors; support your Blue Lodge and the Scottish Rite bodies with the fervor that ennobles a knight.  Be ever the steward to your Brother.

The pursuit of knowledge and faith is not exclusive to the Professor and Priest, the Good Samaritan is not exclusive to the Workers and Warriors.  Embrace all these qualities, for a Knight of Saint Andrew is a driven man and is relentless in these pursuits if no other.